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What Does Our System Have to Offer?

Display your guitars, not your guitar cases.   From classic vintage instruments to the cutting edge designs of today, guitars themselves are works of art.  They can now be aesthetically showcased while allowing you convenient access to any of the instruments.  You are probably going to play more than ever.

There are a lot of products out there that claim to protect your guitar. What makes the Acoustic Life Saver System different?

Protect the value of your collection.  Our patented system goes beyond humidity control.   Your guitars are up off the floor and out of harms way, no longer leaning against a wall or propped up in a stand where they can be accidentally knocked down.  Our exclusive swing-out feature allows you to remove and replace the guitars safely, without risking damage by bumping into the other instruments or the cabinet itself.

Everything you need in one place.  Drawers for picks, tuners, capos and strings.  A storage area for sheet music with moveable dividers that is tall enough for sheet music to stand up as well as plenty of space for those other accessories.

No stress on the neck or neck joint.  A set of six medium-gauge steel strings has a combined pull of 162 pounds.  Don't add any more.  From shop assembly to the showroom people responsible for taking care of the instruments before you purchase them keep them suspended by the neck.  So do we.

A beautiful heirloom quality piece of furniture.  This will be a welcome addition to any room in your home.  A selection of woods and finishes to blend with any decor (click here to see our selection of hardwoods and finishes).  And like the instruments it will house, built to last for generations.  Have something special in mind?  Custom work is always available.

Then there is our exclusive humidity control System.  Finally, a way to take the worry out of storing fine guitars.  The heart of our system is the proven technology of the Life Saver System by Dampp-Chaser.  Our design applies their system in a manner suitable for stringed instruments.  The controller continuously senses the air in the cabinet to determine the accurate relative humidity and this is compared to our set point of 45%.  The controller then responds to raise or lower the RH as required.  Automatically.  Features include:

• The use of natural convection forces to keep the air in the cabinet moving and not
   stratified, insuring accurate sensing at the controller.

• Use of a reservoir insures water is available for raising humidity in the cabinet for
   extended periods of time. While testing in Arizona, with indoor RH as low as 13%, the
   reservoir capacity allowed continuous normal operation for more than 3 weeks. So go
   on that vacation, knowing your instruments are protected.

• It's a hassle to open every guitar case every day to check and see if the sponge is still
   wet.  For worry-free operation we include a level sensor in the reservoir.  When the
   water level drops too low, the system is shut down and an indicator light in the cabinet
   begins to blink.  Included with the cabinet is a water can with a fill line.  When the light
   is flashing simply fill the can to the line and pour it into the special fill fitting in the
   front of the cabinet.  The reservoir is now filled to the proper level, the light stops
   flashing, and the system starts back up.  Automatically.  (Click here for a video
   demonstration of the fill system.)

• A sponge or other in-the-case humidifier has, by nature, a very limited amount of water available. The worst thing you can do is open the case
   because this releases the enclosed air that has been humidified. That makes it difficult to check the sponge, much less play the instrument. Our
   design has the capacity to quickly respond and re-condition the air in the cabinet when the doors have been opened. So, what kind of performance
   can you expect in the real world? We tested the Acoustic LifeSaver in conditions ranging from 13% to 81% Relative Humidity, covering the conditions
   you can expect to find in homes throughout the country. (Don't confuse this with the outdoor conditions; most any means of heating or cooling indoor
   air either adds or removes water vapor from the air.) During the tests the doors were opened and closed regularly; guitars were removed and
   replaced. The humidity of the room air rose and fell as it normally does during a day. The result was that regardless of what happened with the room
   air the Acoustic LifeSaver kept the air inside the cabinet in the 40 - 55% RH range, protecting the guitars and preserving them in optimum playing
   condition. (Click here to see our test results.) Don't your guitars deserve this treatment?

With the introduction of the Acoustic Life Saver System the world of guitar care has changed.  The value of new and vintage guitars is rising constantly.  A recent article in MSN Money ('Rare Guitars, $50,000.00 per String' 01/28/2006) looks at vintage guitars as investment opportunities worth their weight in gold - five times over.  Even the venerable Forbes Magazine took time to help investors looking at vintage guitars ('While My Guitar Gently Reaps' 03/14/05).  There is truly no other product that can better protect your instrument, preserve the value, and keep it in optimum playing condition.

Guitar display case or cabinet that is Humidity controlled - This guitar cabinet system is the first and only way to safely display your guitars in a climate controlled environment especially for stringed musical instruments.

What Does Our System Have to Offer?

Humidity control for your entire guitar.  Other humidifiers out there require the guitar to be sealed in its' case.  They simply don't have the capacity to humidify any extended areas.  The case, however, is designed to protect the guitar from shock damage.  Therefore, there is a lot of padding and a snug fit inside the case.  When the lid is closed the inside of the body is effectively sealed off from the rest of the guitar.  If your humidifier is inside the sound hole, the only wood affected is inside the body.  Case mounted humidifiers on the other hand are unable to reach these parts.  Just look at the inside of the lid of your case and you will see the impression of the bridge and strings.  Air is not able to move and carry humidity inside the case.