Cabinet Retrofit

Cabinet Retrofit

We will perform a review to determine if your cabinet qualifies for retrofit with the Acoustic Lifesaver System. We can determine if the interior volume of the display section is within our design limits, if there is a suitable area to house the humidifier reservoir, and where to install the other humidity control system components. A pair of 4" x 12" holes will have to be cut in the bottom of the display section to allow air flow to and from the humidifier.

To complete the design phase we will need photos of the cabinet to assists with the component layout. We also need to confirm that the cabinet doors do not seal agains the cabinet. The design is not that of a humidor; it requires air to exchange between the room and the cabinet.

The retrofit kit includes all the humidity control components. The controller and dehumidifier tubes are mounted on a hardwood fascia that spans the width of the cabinet. The humidifier reservoir assembly is mounted in a plenum box that is to be installed below the display section. We also include a hardwood electrical raceway to conceal the electrical cords that run between the controller, dehumidifier tubes, and reservoir assembly. You have your choice of the our standard hardwoods, and they are shipped unfinished. We also provide installation drawings to show where the components are to be located in your cabinet.

By others:

      • installation, including final fit and trim (fascia, supports, plenum box) and cutting of the 4" x 12" register holes
      • registers for the pair of 4" x 12" holes in the bottom of the display section
      • staining and finishing of the fascia and raceway

The cost for the retrofit kit is $1,800.00. Freight costs will be quoted when we have a ship-to address. We can also quote stain and finish for the fascia and raceway based on your choice of wood and color selection.

We also provide full size cabinet inserts for placement within a wall unit or built in shelving. This insert would be a full size cabinet without the stain and molding and we can design it to blend with your style of furniture.